60-Second Voice Over Script

For my Broadcast Journalism Writing class, I created a 60-Second voice over script in relation to my blog post, “Pets in College Prove to be Beneficial.” This script is meant to be played on a teleprompter over a video about the subject as it is a voice over script.

Annabelle Bragalone 

Pets and Mental Health 


Studies show that having a pet in college during the Coronavirus pandemic can improve mental health and social well-being. 


<video file = “Pets and Mental Health” time = “0.60”>            

Pet adoption has gone up 15 percent since the start of the Coronavirus outbreak.  With most college students performing classes completely online, several campuses have included therapy dog programs in their university, as well as a significant increase in the amount of college students owning an animal.  Students who own a pet animal report feeling less isolated and less lonely since the start of the pandemic, as opposed to students who do not own a pet.  It is reported that pet ownership gives students a sense of belonging, and helps them fight depression, anxiety, and stress.  Licensed therapists and social workers agree that bringing an animal into the home of a college student can help them cope with the daily stress students face in college. Not only does owning a pet help mentally, but it can also be beneficial for social and physical reasons, such as meeting new people and going on walks for the pet’s entertainment and physical exercise. Pet owners also report that feeling responsible for something other than themselves has given them more control over their lives, and a daily routine that has helped them academically, socially, and mentally.   The human-animal bond is not only unbreakable, it is beneficial too.   

March 2021

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