Car Theft Broadcast Writing

In my Broadcast Journalism Writing class, we learned a lot about the specifics of broadcast writing, voice over scripts, how to write for a teleprompter, press releases, news stories, etc. Below is a teleprompter broadcast script with a voice over. This story covers a car getting broken into on the main shopping street, Massachusetts St., in Lawrence, Kansas.

Annabelle Bragalone 



      Gary Duncan’s car was broken into on Massachusetts street, and no one has been arrested yet.


<video file=”Theft” time=”o.30”>

      Garry Duncan was having an early dinner with his friend at La Parilla restaurant.  His car, a green 2007 Mazda 3, was parked on Massachusetts street in a metered handicap parking spot.  When Garry returned to his car, it had been broken into.  The thief stole a package wrapped in a plastic bag on the floor of the car that contained an eight-thousand-dollar prosthetic leg. LX year old Gary Duncan lost his leg in an industrial accident over XXX years ago. He uses a wheelchair to go out and uses the artificial leg to move around his home. Gary had gone to Tonganoxie Limb and Brace Co. before dinner to have his hip-to-floor prosthesis adjusted.  He reported the theft incident to the police the next morning, but the leg has not shown up and the thief has not been found. 

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