Chemical Explosion Broadcast Writing

In my Broadcast Journalism Writing class, we learned a lot about the specifics of broadcast writing, voice over scripts, how to write for a teleprompter, press releases, news stories, etc. Below is a teleprompter broadcast script with a voice over. This story covers a chemical explosion at a local chemical plant in Lawrence, Kansas.

Annabelle Bragalone 



     A big chemical explosion and fire occurred this morning at Westlake Chemical Plant. 


<video file=”Explosion” time=”o.30”>

     At 3:45 am, there was a chemical explosion at the Westlake Chemical Plant.  The explosion caused six people to be hospitalized, and three to be burned badly and remain in critical condition. The cause of the blast is still undetermined, however, the blast happened in the processor where urea is made.  The ammonia leaked from pipelines, making it harder to breathe.  At 1:42 pm today, the ammonia was washed down and the pipes sealed. They were then given the all-clear signal to return to work. 

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